Make easy money online with Adfly, 5000$/month

work-from-homeAdfly is similar to & These sites let you shorten your URL, but what makes Adfly different is that they have included an ad twist, which means that if anyone opens the shortened URL then a 5 second frame pops up displaying an ad. As the timing is only 5 seconds, most people are willing to compromise on this aspect in order to be able to use this system.

Work from home and earn easy money with How to Guides, tutorials, bots, traffic tips and tricks. Make an extra income with adfly

The traffic is targeted depending upon the country.

Besides, it’s not that expensive. It costs around 4 to 8 dollars for every 1000 unique views.
Although the prices are quite low, they have a good conversation rate.

So what exactly are URL shorteners?

URL shorteners are used to shorten very long URLs. In fact, even if your URL is not too long, you can shorten it if you wish to.
People often ask how much revenue can be generated via Adfly? Actually the revenue that you can generate through your links largely depends upon the location of the users that will be clicking your links.

How much revenue can I generate?

You will make approximately 4 dollars for every thousand clicks. Although this may seem to be quite low, think about the number of people using Facebook. More than 500 million individuals log onto Facebook every day. Even if a small segment of them click on your links, then you are sure to generate a lot of income. You can also draw a lot of users and ensure that they click your links by setting up a Facebook group. Most of the groups on Facebook have over one million members and if you do some smart work then you are sure to make a small fortune within a very short time. Moreover, you can also generate more income by creating videos and posting them on YouTube. However, don’t forget to include a link in your description.
Another way to generate money is through referrals. Most of the individuals state that they have earned a lot of money through referrals and they are a great means of multiplying the fortune.

Payments believes in keeping things simple and clear and hence after you have earned 5 dollars via your account, the earnings are automatically transferred to your PayPal or your Payoneer account. In case you do not have either of these accounts then you can easily sign up for any one of these services. They are both free for users.

Ways to draw traffic to your links

Most of the individuals often wonder how to draw traffic to their links and make the visitors click on the URL so that they can generate more income. Here we have listed some useful tips and techniques which can be used to draw the traffic to your links:

A large number of individuals log on to Facebook everyday and this makes Facebook an ideal platform to post & publish your links.

Try to get a decent number of followers on your Twitter handle and then post your links on Twitter. Your fans & followers are sure to click on the links.

You can upload interesting videos on YouTube and include the links in your description.

Here you can easily publish images of interesting content and include the link to your website in it.

5. Create a Website
Nowadays it is not too tough to make a free website and you do not need to be an expert to have your own website. Once you have designed your free website you can post interesting content and include your links in it.

6. Seek help from your buddies
You can directly tell your friends to click on the links which you post on your website.

7. Actively participate in Forums
You can easily post your comments and feedback on various forums. This will help in promoting your links as well as your website.

8. Get in Referrals
Referrals can truly turn the tables and multiply your overall earnings. You are entitled to 20% of their earnings as well as 5% from the amount they spend to advertise with Adfly.

Using Adfly as a wonderful advertising platform
You can easily redirect more traffic to your website and promote affiliate products so that you get maximum results and make loads of money.

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